Planning Considerations

 Planning Considerations
       In order to implement the philosophy and goals of general education, the planning considerations for general education in the NKUHT are the following:
(1)Take school-based curriculums as the basis of planning
       The general education of the NKUHT is designed and planned by considering the university type, school motto, education goals, education philosophy, school culture, student features, residence patterns, current status and topics of society, local production and economy, as well as on the basis of the philosophy of school-based courses. 

(2)General education combines with professional education to practically merge into life.
       While general education courses are planned and implemented throughout the entire university, the general education courses are also combined with the specific curriculums of each department. Each department will plan the general education courses appropriate for their specific department according to the professional field, features and program and then incorporate relevant general education into the courses they have established in order to meet the learning goals of “common experiences” and “individual demands”.
General education is a kind of comprehensive and life-oriented education. Learning experience, activities, learning processes and educational environment are all within the scope of general education. Therefore, besides planning a formal curriculum, it also emphasizes the development and implementation of non-formal, potential curriculums. Teaching by word, by action and by situation, as well as teaching by system, are integrated together to deepen and expand the dimension and effect of general education. 

(3)Match individual development, expectations and demands of the advanced technical and vocational talents in social and industrial circles.
       According to the opinions and ideas of social sectors, scholars and experts, the expectations and demands for individual development, as well as technical and vocational skills, include: a humanitarian personality, administrative planning, communication and coordination, a healthy body and mind, scientific and technological qualities, international views, a work-dedicated attitude and reflection abilities. The planning of general education incorporates all of the above items into its field.
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